The Digestive System Presentation

Orianna Digestive


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                Ashley – The Digestive System – Period D

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Human Body Corporation Layoffs


April 4, 2013

Attention All H.B.C Employees,

Due to an energy shortage, it has become difficult for the Human Body Corporation to sustain all of its employees (systems/organs). To reduce the use of energy, we will need to shut one system down and layoff one worker (organ) from each system. Each body system and associated organs will be given an opportunity to persuade the corporation of their importance to the human body. Systems and organs will be judged on their efficiency, quality, and persuasive ability. To help us make a fair and informed decision, every system and organ needs to complete the steps of the corporation mission as declared in H.B.C Constitution.


Medulla Oblongata

Medulla Oblongata

President of H.B.C

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