Skeletal System

In the Skeletal System they talk about bones, if you did not have bones in your body you would be a big puddle on the ground. Bones help you stand, walk, and run. Bones also protect important organs. Your brain is being protected by your skull and the heart, lungs, and stomach is being protected by your ribs. Also if you didn’t have a skeleton your body would be filled with muscles and soft tissue. People may think that bones are lifeless but they are made up of cells and your bones are living parts of your body. Bones are really strong but light, they are strong and tough as concrete. Your bones are able to hold heavy weights, such as chairs, big rocks, and all other kinds of stuff. They also work with your muscles and other parts of your body to make you the marvelous living machine that you are. This is the

Dakota R., Erica D., and Adam S.

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