Did you know that the gallbladder is 7 to 10 CM (3 or 4 inches)? The main function of the long gallbladder is to empty its contents bile along the bile duct into the duodenum. The contents in the gallbladder which is bile is a waste product that helps counteract with the stomach acids, and helps the digestion of fats. These functions are performed by the contents in the gallbladder. The other systems and organs that are dependent on the gallbladder are the digestive system and the liver. The digestive system works with the gallbladder by letting off blood cells when your body needs it ,with all of the organs working together in the digestive system it helps maintain a constant internal environment called “homeostasis”. If there wasn’t homeostasis then the organism couldn’t work at it’s full capacity. When something in your body doesn’t work properly then diseases can be caused. The diseases that can be caused to the gallbladder are Cholecystitis, Biliary Colic, and Gallbladder Polyps, Gallbladder Cancer, Cholelithiasis, Choledocholithias, Primary Sclerosing Cholangtis, Cholangitis, Bilary Pyskienesia, and Bile Reflex. If the functions of each organ is working normally these diseases won’t happen. This is why the H.B.C need the gallbladder to help the process of the digestion of fats and stomach acid. It lets bile do these functions to help other organs function.

-The Gallbladder
Orianna Perry
Period D


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